Matt Feifarek : CV

This is clearly woefully out of date; if you have questions about what I've been up to, please contact me!

Professional Experience

Launched “Twinkler” a web-based toy that makes art from images. I wrote the engine, designed and built the site, made all the graphic elements and images, and wrote and illustrated the explanation sections.
Independent consultant. My main client was a startup in the steel industry; making web-based calculation tools and software prototypes, making technical drawings, managing projects, and supervising marketing materials including print catalogs and direct email campaigns.
Founder, Digital Alchemy, a web-development company specializing in data-driven websites for small businesses. Clients included Eileen Fisher, Compaq, Castrol, Rainforest Alliance and many small organizations including a financial news startup, a hi-fi speaker manufacturer, a jazz archive, and high-school debate organizations.
In the early days, the web was “DIY”. We made our own versioned content management systems, asset management systems, authorization/authentication systems, form generation libraries, and so on, and administered our own servers. We used these frameworks, tools and systems in our client work and our own projects.
Key independent projects included “FolioSpace”, a portfolio service for artists to showcase their work online,, a sophisticated cocktail recipe database using most of the frameworks mentioned above (still online, though not updated in 10 years).
Founder and director of production at Coherent Light, a NYC startup with a focus on audio/visual post-production work, video-graphics, and 3D animation.
Coherent Light worked on a wide variety of projects including the production of the first demo reel for Autodesk’s 3D-Studio MAX, various short videos, films, commercials, and a web-based soap opera.
After pivoting from videographics/audio-post to the web, we secured one round of venture capital to design and build a retail search engine. We were ultimately unable to raise a second round of financing, and closed up shop gracefully.
Web programmer, graphic artist at D3 Design in Kansas City, MO. Coded Kansas City Public Television’s first website.
As a freelance web developer, I made the corporate site for Porter Novelli, then the world’s fourth largest public relations firm.


Chair, Slow Food Madison. Managed a rotating team of volunteers across several initiatives and events. More about my work with Slow Food.
Leadership board, Slow Food NYC
Leadership board of Chelsea CSA
Treasurer, co-op board of 210W21st in NYC


Honors, Awards, Memberships

Member of [Horizon] social-enterprise oriented co-working space.
Member of Sector67 community hackerspace.
Named to Madison Magazine’s M-List of influential people
Speaker at “Pecha Kucha” on the theme “What keeps me up at night and gets me up in the morning.”
2012 & 2006
USA delegate to Terra Madre and Slow Food International congress


Justified Anger”: An African American history course taught in Madison Wisconsin.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Specialization in computer-mediated art and independent study
Art History Study in Florence, Italy


Matt Feifarek +1 (608) 403 – 5432