Matt Feifarek

I’m a passionate and curious geek, maker, cook and do-it-yourself-ist. I live in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin in a 110-year-old building with my two cats.

I’ve lived in Manhattan for 14 years and in a solar-powered straw-bale house in a cow pasture for one. I’ve travelled in Mexico, India, Finland, and Europe.

What I do

I code, consult, coach, cook and tinker. I make physical, virtual, and social things. I volunteer, share, teach and build community. I have many wide interests and some deep expertise. I love collaborating with passionate people on the best possible projects.

I’m a member of a “MakerSpace” and a social-enterprise focussed Co-Working Space. I love to cook-in and eat-out, ride bikes, build bikes, and take photographs. I design and build hackety furniture, and tinker with DIY hifi. I ferment foods, work part-time in Madison’s best wine-shop, and bowl a shaky 160.

I was a chapter leader in the Slow Food movement for 12 years, in both New York City and Madison.


I’m an independent software developer and technology consultant by trade, specializing in data-driven web applications for small business. I made my first web-site in 1995, and have been semi-at-it ever since.

I’m a founder and the executive director of FoodWorks Madison, a start-up not-for-profit built to increase social equity in Madison by creating a short-term hands-on training program for kitchen jobs.