Matt Feifarek

I’m a passionate, curious geek & do-it-yourself-ist. I live in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin with my sweetheart and two cats.

I’ve lived in Manhattan and in a solar-powered straw-bale house in a cow pasture. I’ve travelled in Mexico, India, Finland, and lots of Europe. I have many wide interests and some deep expertise.

What I do

I code, consult, make things, cook, and tinker. I volunteer, share, build community, and teach food and cooking at an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization that I lead.

I’m a member of a “MakerSpace”. I love to eat-in and eat-out, ride bikes, build bikes, and take photographs. I garden, attend Buddhist philosophy lectures, ferment things, fill-in at a wine-shop, and bowl a shaky 160. I make some art.

Slow Food

I’m the leader of the Madison, WI chapter of the international Slow Food movement. I learned about Slow Food in 2005 in NYC and got involved with the leadership then. I’ve designed and implemented a number of ongoing initiatives both in NYC and Madison, and remain involved in the nitty-gritty in Madison as chair of a group of outstanding volunteers.

How I make my living

I’m an independent software developer and technology consultant by trade, specializing in data-driven web applications for small business. I made my first web-site in 1995, and have been semi-at-it ever since.

Lately, I’ve mostly consulted for a startup in a niche of the steel industry, doing a variety of research-oriented B2B software projects and service prototypes, but also a wide variety of small-business generalism, from product development to technical illustration.

I haven’t had a “real job” in a long time and I like it that way — lifestyle is under-rated in our culture. I’ve owned my own business(es) or been an independent contractor since I was 23. I am available to collaborate: I love working with excited, exceptional people on fascinating projects.